Think back to your childhood dreams...

1. Why do these words describe you? Provide examples from your experience that illustrate how each word describes you.

I have always enjoyed creating stuff. Either in arts and crafts, writing( as is advised in chapter 2 of our textbook) or creating travel’s arrangements. I like the whole process, the search of the data or material involved the development stage and the presentation of the final product of any project I’m involved with.

I love to observe people as well as the inner works of inanimate objects. People interactions are especially interesting because you learn a great deal about a person by the way they express themselves ( body- language, the  type of image they like to project and of course what they say)is very interesting to observe how people present themselves to the world.

People say that we, women, have a keen intuition. I agree. I also think that anyone (regardless of gender) can develop or enhance this skill. I have always trust my instincts and I feel very lucky to be able to listen to my inner self. It had come very handy in many occasions especially when important decisions have been at stake.

2. Think back to your childhood dreams. Do you remember talking to friends and family about what you wanted to “be” when you “grew up”? Write about your memories. What careers did you select as a child? Why?
 I remember as a 6 – 7 year old waiting every Sunday for the newspaper to arrive because the big department stores would print a 2 page fashion advertisement right at the centerfold of the newspaper. The drawings were really a work of art (see images attached). I dreamed of learning to draw like that! Those drawings transported me to a perfectly controlled world were the artist was in charge and could manipulate the images to his or her heart’s content. It wasn’t only the “pretty drawings” what attracted me but the feeling of power of having a skill that allowed you to create your own world in such a beautiful way. I remember spending hours dissecting the details of each image: the texture in the fabrics, the expressions in the models, their attitudes, the color scheme. I would fabricate a whole story behind each character and often would create very intricate relationships among them .A whole new world would open up right in the centerfold of the local newspaper.
 3. Do you still have the same career-related dreams? How have your views changed?
 I love the whole process of advertisement; that is why I first studied Graphic Design not only the development of images, but also all the planning behind a product’s campaign: The research about the targeted audience, the brainstorming to find the perfect slogan and then the execution of the imagery involved. Now that I’m embarking in the second part of my double major: Multimedia- Psychology, I like to get more involved in the behavioral study of the public. What makes and audience tickle? And also find out more about how their involvement with art, can help people feel better the way it  have made me feel better all my life. I’m a firm believer on the whole “art as a healing tool” movement.
 4. Consider your personality traits listed in question 1. How do these traits compare with those needed for the career of your childhood dreams? 
The three are vital in an advertisement campaign. You need to be observant, intuitive and creative to come up with a good advertisement concept. I’m sure they will come handy now that I’ll study real people and not only characters created for advertisement purposes.
How do they fit with your revised, adult view?
They come very handy when it comes to the development of the whole creative process in any advertisement campaign. I hope they will help me when trying to understand people’s behaviors.

   as a
Healing Tool
What I like the most about this exercise is that it helps you get in touch with what is at the core of the real you. 

It makes you think what are the positive traits in your personality , that can help you find your true identity. It asks you about the dreams and activities that motivated you when you were a child. 

It is very refreshing to take the time to visit that person whose expectations from the future were still untouched by all the negative influences around and inside us.

It feels you with a renewed desire to keep pursuing the activites  that brings you a feeling of well beign.  : ) !!!
This test was taken from my textbook for the class:
Professional Opportunities in Psychology 
taught by:
Prof. Melissa Hirschman. 
The book is very interesting and has plenty of great advice regardless if you want to become a Psychologist or just get to know yourself better.
The title is:

The Psychology Major's Handbook , 3rd Edition 
by :
Tara L. Kuther.
You can buy the wholebooklet or separate chapters at (or rent the  booklet for18 dlls/ 6 months)
Also, you can buy it new or used at
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