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These are some of the things I started to work in this summer break !

It is fun,  a lot of fun ! and I  love doing these Granny Squares and collecting different types of yarns!

This is a page from a book that I want to try to crochet myself.
I love cross stitch too

I'm stitching this Irish Blessing prayer; it was on sale at Michael's. 

I'm almost done with it ...

It is for my son's apartment. 
This is a photo of my first flower      ;)
I love all type of stitching materials. 

I like to work with yarns, but I love flowers made with  ribbons & embroidery threads because they are fast to do and they look really nice. 
Lately, I had been spending my free time just crocheting a bunch of squares . 

Now that I finally have yarns of all the colors!

Everything takes so much time!!!
But it is Fun!
I'm obsessed with creating granny squares with all sort of colors schemes and designs. They are fast and fun to do because you can choose diff designs and colors and you don't feel you're stuck with one never ending project like a sweater or so .

In here you can choose any kind of yarn and miss and match them!

Once I have enough of them (like 100 or so) I'll join them together with black or beige yarn  (like the photo from the book above ) to create a bed spread or if I don't do that many, then I'll do a shawl.
 you tube tutorial , click the little bee to to go to the page where I learned how to do this flower. 
crochet granny squares by
Shelley Husband