The Notre Dame Rowing Club site came along as a result of a Spring Break in 2007 trainning week they had
in Miami.
My son was the Fresman's Captain and we went to visit them during the week they spent there.

It is a recollection of  QT movies  of some of their activites.
The Spring Break 08  site is currently under construction.
Zen Garden Exercises
I was intrigued how to use one same CSS & html and make it loook so different.
I learned to add diff sizes of scroll bars in the layout.
The logo on the left is my version of it. I like it because the "Children Workshop" text is clear &  legible even on very small font sizes.
Auntie Roz came along as a project for a  Web  Design Class .
I was in charge of the website development while 2 of my teammates did the brochures and her stationary.
 it ran from 2007 - 2013.
Writing Workshop

This site was one of my first exercises in CSS

Now it is under construction.
It will host the written exercises from a Writing Workshop directed by Mark Ari at UNF.

It is an online class and it has been a really rewarding experience.

The page to my left is the 
final project to myintermediate  Web design.
The requirment was 4 major links:


1 page with an interior page:

I chose Identity
Int link: "Nature"

As extra , I added  the following pages as interior links to the homepage:

About Us
Contact page
E mail  Form

The Blog goes to the PALMS Blog
since I didn't want to build a blog that nobody would use and it wasn't required for this assignment anyhow.
so only the homepage have its 5 
extra subnavigation circular buttons linked to actual pages.
Since this was  not an advanced class the requirments qhere less than our advance class for which I did the pages of the entire UNF Philosophy Department. listed at the top of this page.
I've been a Ceramic's aficionado since the mid 90's!
I started when i lived in Rochester, MN.
I love to work on the wheel.
I volunteered to create  The UNF Potters' Guild website in 2007.
Click on the logo below, or the screenshot to visit this site. 
A new logo is in the making...Prof. Heywood is in charge of it
Auntie Roz Children's Workshop

"Partners Actively Lending Mayo Support".

It is formed by the wives of the Mayo Clinic Faculty .They provide information to new members' families and organize a series of social, cultural and charitable  events throughout the year.

The page was created with Flash so, simply click the cancel button on the pop up sign instead of the ok button. 
CSS is my new interest inside the cibernetic world.I'm still learning to use it.
Below  there is  a mix of class  assignments and freelance clients' websites I've done.
The UNF Philosophy Department
First Coast Management & Realty

Click on the limages below to go to the site.  2009. 
Writing Workshop
I de C Ex alumni :
         A non profit organization
This website is dedicated to do social labor among the needy in Guadalajara, Mexico.

It was designed for  a group of ex alumni from:
El Instituto de Ciencias, a Jesuit College Prep.

I am also proud to call it my Alma Matter.

Click  on the thumbnail on the left to visit it.
I  was inducted into the society on April 16th, 2011.
I created and manage the site and blog for the Sigma Aplha Pi Society at UNF.
I am their SNTs Coordinator as well.
∑А∏ at UNF
Type exercise combining to designers' typographic work. 
Each designer came from very different time lines on purpose. The objective was to start with the earlier  designer's style  and finish with the modern designers style. The requisite was to start with a very baren design on the first page and as the pages progressed, we would  fiill all the negative space, until the type on the last page would cover most of the layout area. Click on the image below to see  the rest of the  pages of this booklet.
Typographica Metamorphosis:
In general, beaDIYs wants to help you get in touch with your inner-self, by exercising your mind, body  & spirit.

Aquiring knowledge to help us transform ( for the better)
ourselves and our surroundings.

Age is not an inpediment to learn new tricks. On the contrary, trainning our minds and bodies should be even more relevant the older we get.  
Website 2009 - 2010
The UNF Philosophy Department website branches into 3 parts:

The Philosophy Department 
The Religious Studies Section
The Ethics Center 

These screenshots are the original HTML/CSS page I developed as part of my intership work done in 2007.

The format was later changed into CMS to match the new look of the whole UNF website, 

The 3  websites with the images I created ran for 11 years.
From 2007 to 2018.