Did you know that ...
If you keep your  tires properly inflated it will increase your  fuel efficiency by 2 miles per gallon and it will increase the life of your tires by 15% ?

I made the above posters  ( slogans and photos) as part of a class assignment .
These two posters are designed with the real Mexican food in mind..
On the Flamenco dancer, I deliberately focused in just half of  the face to emphasize the meaning of the slogan... Just as a photographer looks for the better angle of a client in a photo shoot. 

For the second one, I manipulated the background  and the veggies plate to give a more rustic feeling like those in old photographs. 
I'm specially fond of my slogan in this  poster
It is very convenient to be able to get rid of unwanted items and change backgrounds like in the  example on the left 

I love to take  photos  for my own projects   and sometimes there are objects on the composition that need to be deleted .
Photoshop is a great software I used all the time to make the  unwanted elements  disappear.
My husband wanted to use the above photo as a transition in one of his lectures but didn't like the  wooden repairs on the bottom of the image.
So, I did a little of wall construction using Photoshop magic and ...voilà!
I enjoy working with Photoshop because it gives you the power to control an image.

The images in this page are an example of how effective, manageable and playful the software is, and how a good slogan can help your client deliver a  convincing message.
Photoshop also allows you to create your own "virtual reality", where images and "play of words" literally transform a photo  of a regular box  of Pop Tarts  into a box of  "Pop Art"!
Retro style poster of the life of Rusian Composer and Piano virtuoso: "Sergei Rachmaninoff".
Another version for the poster for "Cafe Ole".

BeaDIYs is a  "Do It Yourself" website with tips for a healthier, more balanced life. . 
I created this poster as a tribute to the women in my family that deeply influenced me. My mother ( Isabel) and my grandmother ( AnaMaria). It is a remembrance of the "Dia de los Muertos" rites in my native Country (Mexico) . 

My mother was a classical pianist. Through her I learned how to write musical notes at the same time I learned the letters in the alphabet. She was a very passionate person and always encouraged me to learn new things, to love reading and to pray.

The 5 lines on the image represent the musical staff. I see it as lines that binds us together but also, they echo an old mexican fable about how each of us are represented by a candle that is lightened and fastened to a very thin silver thread that holds our living time on earth. The moment the thread is broken symbolizes our mortal life ending. This causes the candle's light to go off. That is why we light candles when we pray for our dead ones, so the light is rekindled in the after-life and they can find their way to heaven.

I set the scene engulfed in blueish ether mist to create an afterlife feeling and to connect with the breeze that so often I felt in the interior patios of the old casonas ( haciendas) in my native Country.

I also used a smaller version of it, as a banner on my social media pages  during Halloween and  El Dia de los Muertos.
Posters for an " Eco Bytes" campaign encouraging green living.
I created images and  the slogans too.