I'm very proud of my 3 Coursera certificates from the University of Edinburgh. 
Fundamentals of Music Theory 
 Code Yourself and introduction to programming
and one from CALARTS:
Fundamentals of Graphic Design

I'm also intrigued by programming...
The class was taught using a free software created by MIT to teach non programmers the basics of programming.
the software is called "scratch" and it is a very approachable way to develop simple coding and you draw your own imagery! which I love to do!
I love learning about computers, art therapy and the Psychology behind it.
I drew a bunch of different background and programmed them to change when the asteroids collapsed with the aircraft  & UFOs. so it looked like the skies were ignited by the explosion. I had a lot of fun creating it.
I studied music with a concentration in classical piano, at the Music School of the (U de G) University of  Guadalajara, long ago...
I drew different backdrops and added code so they would rotate on impact 
( meteors vs aircrafts & UFOs).
I just finised these courses in :